Business Auto

Commercial Auto Insurance for a Wide Range of Classes

Our Business Auto Program targets contractors, artisans, building supply dealers, system installers, retailers, manufacturers, wholesale distributors and more. We welcome a wide variety of classes with vehicles ranging from private passenger cars to extra heavy truck tractors. Eligible accounts are automobile fleets that support business activities where the primary goal is to sell and distribute owned products, perform contracting operations, and provide services to customers.

Typical Classes

• Contractors

• Retailers

• Distributors

• Wholesalers

• Systems Installation

Typical Vehicles

• Private Passenger (PPT/PPV)

• Light Trucks

• Medium Trucks

• Heavy Trucks/Tractors

• Extra Heavy Trucks/Tractors

• Dump Trucks/Trailers

Typical Uses

• Product Delivery

• Service Calls

• Material/Equipment Delivery

• Sales Calls

• Product Installation

• Retail Delivery

Business Development Team

Submission Requirements

Your account must fit these initial parameters to be considered for our program:


• At least five (5) vehicles
• Three (3) years of prior commercial auto coverage
• Overall loss ratio of 40% or better
• Good drivers
• Satisfactory CAB report, if applicable

Note: Program available to retail agents in all states except District of Columbia, MA, NY and VA at this time.

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Program Contacts

Lori Smith

Business Development

Lynise Walton

Business Development

Trish Yaeckel

Business Development


“You all are seriously the best =)
I want to thank you for handling this so quickly for us. You were all very quick and efficient.”

Alyssa G.
Florida Agent