7. Please review our detailed list of prohibited classes. If the business operation appears on the list, we would not be able to offer coverage. However, if you are seeking a quote for the service units only (PPTs and light vehicles), please contact us at (610) 933-4679 or email info@GMI-Insurance.com to discuss your options.
Does the insured’s business operation consist of any of the following:


  • Amusement or carnival type vehicles, including those hauling amusement equipment.

  • Heavy vehicles, extra-heavy vehicles, or tractors garaged / operating in NY state

  • Any fleet with motorcycles, scooters, snowmobiles, golf carts, autonomous vehicles, all-terrain vehicles (ATVs), farm or similar vehicles

  • Any insured that is in bankruptcy proceedings

  • Armored cars

  • Auto rental and leasing

  • Auto / truck dealers

  • Autos used in racing or speed contest

  • Autos primarily engaged in the delivery of mail and / or parcel post

  • Bulk liquid haulers / tankers (> 3,000 gallons)

  • Buses All types including public, school, private, or charter

  • Car clubs — Such that the member can drive vehicles (including luxury or exotic) with a paid membership

  • Cattle and livestock operations

  • Crane or drilling operations with cranes or other equipment attached

  • Courier Services  includes Mail Delivery / Package Delivery

  • Day care or camp operations

  • Driveaway / towaway operations

  • Driving schools

  • Emergency vehicles or trailers (with or without patient transfer), including but not limited to those used by police and fire departments

  • Employee-owned vehicles (other than incidental non-owned)

  • Entertainers

  • Explosive contractors

  • Farm equipment

  • Fast food / pizza delivery

  • Food trucks

  • Fraud conviction  Any risk in which an affiliated person has been found guilty of insurance and / or motor vehicle fraud

  • Garage operations

  • Haulers, producers, or refiners of fuel, including but not limited to gasoline, oil, diesel, liquefied petroleum gas (LPG), natural gas, and propane.

  • Hazardous material haulers without separate pollution liability policy.

  • Hi-rail vehicles (autos with flanged steel wheels attachment for driving on railroad tracks), except by referral if insured shows evidence of separate coverage for on the-track operations

  • House movers

  • Invalid carriages

  • Logging risks

  • Marijuana business All types including but not limited to autos used in legal medical, retail, wholesale, growing, and delivery

  • Mobile equipment, except mobile equipment subject to compulsory or financial responsibility or other motor vehicle insurance law. All cranes, not including boom trucks, are prohibited in all circumstances.

  • Mobile home, motor home, or camper haulers or movers

  • Motorcycles, motorized scooters or bicycles and similar motorized vehicles

  • Moving and storage companies.

  • Nursing facilities, home health care, adult daycare or child daycare, where passengers are being transported or driven around 

  • Oil and gas field (all types) drilling and well services risks (including fracking) onsite; prohibition does not apply to contractor’s firms using private passenger and light vehicles. Petrochemical and similar permanent manufacturing locations / facilities are not considered oil and gas field operations.

  • Passenger transportation / livery operations (such as buses, taxis, Uber, LYFT, etc.)

  • Patient transfer vehicles 

  • Pilot car / escort vehicles

  • Roadside service vehicles, other than towing

  • Recreational vehicles

  • Risk-pulling double / tandem or triple trailers

  • Risk-pulling pole trailers

  • Salt water haulers 

  • Sand and gravel operations

  • Snowplowing — Prohibition applies to roads-public streets and private roads in residential developments-and does not apply to work on parking lots and similar private property

  • Street and road paving and line striping contractors (on open or partially open streets or highways) where traffic control is the insured's responsibility.

  • Swinging meat haulers

  • Trucking for hire (cargo does not belong to the person or company that owns the truck)

  • Truckers  All radii (for these purposes, a "trucker" is any organization engaged in the business of transporting property for hire)

  • Vehicles used to transport the disabled or handicapped

  • Waste Haulers  If the insured is dropping off dumpsters / containers / trailers / dumps, etc. to customers and the insured is NOT responsible for packing it, that is considered a waste hauler and we cannot entertain this class. This includes construction debris, recyclers, any type of debris removal. This will not include an excavator or grader who is performing their own work and then taking away their own debris / waste​.

  • Wreckers / tow vehicles

Is the business operation on the list above?

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