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GMI expands coverage to include stand-alone Workers’ Compensation.

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Managing General Agent GMI Insurance (GMI) announced today that it is expanding its existing coverages to include a competitive, stand-alone Workers’ Compensation program targeting contractors and hundreds of other business classes. The new program includes an A.M. Best “A++“ rated admitted carrier with a minimum premium of $40K and no maximum premium—and no XMOD restrictions.

GMI President Mark Trudel adds, “GMI has been a premier writer of commercial auto insurance since 1980. Our Monoline Business Auto, Auto Rental Fleet, and Contingent Auto Lease agents and their insureds face the same challenges as hundreds of other business classes in providing medical and wage benefits to workers injured on the job. The stand-alone Workers’ Compensation solution fits perfectly with GMI’s mission to find a need in the marketplace and fulfill it through stand-alone coverages that are targeted to our insureds: contractors, auto dealers, retailers, and manufacturers.”

Shawn-Michael Hall, Sr. is spearheading the new product launch. “This new, stand-alone Workers’ Compensation program is a natural extension of GMI’s coverage for contractors and hundreds of other small to medium-sized businesses. This new line of coverage offers peace of mind to workers and their families by providing much needed and often difficult to find coverage for work-place injuries such as strains, trips and falls, and even accidental death. The coverage is targeted to construction, manufacturing, auto dealers, retail, and more. I look forward to meeting with and talking to GMI’s agents and insured about this new coverage.”

For more information about GMI’s new stand-alone Workers’ Compensation program, contact Shawn-Michael Hall, Senior at (440) 773-7983 or


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