The Importance of Giving Back to Our Community

Our team embraces this important life lesson: “No matter how tough you think your life is, there’s always someone who has to face challenges that are even tougher than yours”.


Since 2009, GMI has concentrated our giving on the needs of our community. We contribute monetarily to various organizations throughout the year but we also roll up our sleeves and get downright dirty, too.


Chester County Food Bank

Our employees assisted with building a community garden in the Senior Development.


American Red Cross

GMI purchased 1,000 9-volt batteries and we assembled Fire Safety Kits and walked to neighborhood homes to distribute them.


Good Samaritan Services

Interior / exterior cleaning and painting of their Phoenixville facilities.


PACS Phoenixville Area Community Services

Collecting food donations at various times of the year and participating with Operation Holiday (adopting multiple families and providing gifts at Christmas).

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Mom’s House

Mom’s House is a unique family support system of basic needs, including free childcare for low-income, single parents while they pursue full-time education and becoming independent members of society.


Borough of Phoenixville

Town clean-up. Walked the many blocks of Phoenixville picking up trash from parking lots and streets.

Community Shred Event

We first started this in 2018 and it was a smashing success! Folks from all over brought non-perishable food items and in return was able to shred personal documents for FREE! We also raffled off (2) Fire Chests as a way to thank patrons for coming.  Future Shred Events will be held annually on the second Tuesday in October and we hope to see you there.


For more information about our Charitable Giving, you may contact a member of our Marketing Department at (610) 933-4679.